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Three old acquaintances debate different interpretations of the Koran, Christian sects, their lives, and life after death in a tiny, cramped neighborhood barber shop.

2018 | 2.35:1 | Digital HD | 24fps | Color | 5.1 | Turkish w/ English subtitles | 19'


Cast Mehmet Özgür, Cem Zeynel Kılıç and Sencar Sağdıç ​

Writer & Director Arda Ekşigil

Producers Sinan Kesova, Arda Ekşigil

Director of Photography Sinan Kesova

Editors Ayhan Ergürsel, Semih Gülen

Sound Designer Cenker Kökten

Sound Recordist Thomas Vittek

Costume Designer Merve Ertan

First Assistant Director Ozan Yoleri

Second Assistant Director Delfin Lev Tuna

Focus Puller Yasin Akın

Productions Assistants Yenak Özkarslıoğlu, Seda Gazioğlu


2018 Istanbul Film Festival - Short Film Competition

2018 Arava Film Festival 

2018 Filmreihe Tüpisch Türkisch

2018 Izmir International Short Film Festival

2019 Akbank Short Film Festival

2019 !f Independent Film Festival - National Shorts Competition

        *Special Jury Prize*

2019 Ayvalık Film Festival


Arda Ekşigil is a Turkish-Canadian director born in Istanbul in 1989.

After finishing the Lycée Français Pierre Loti in Istanbul in 2007, he moved to Montreal where he studied Ancient Philosophy, Literature and Archeology at the University of Montreal. He obtained a master’s degree from McGill University specializing in early modern Ottoman History. He learned Greek at the University of Athens and Persian at the Dehkhoda Institute, University of Tehran. He presented his academic research in universities such as Princeton, Oxford and the University of Toronto, contributed to various newspapers and peer-reviewed history and literature magazines such as The McGill Daily, History & Society (in Turkish) and Words (in Turkish). He also works as a translator (My Brother Che, 2017, from French to Turkish).

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