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Twelve-year-old Irmak idolizes her older teenage friend Aylin, who for Irmak embodies excitement, independence and womanhood. When Aylin plans to move away with her boyfriend, Irmak begins to realize that her feelings for her friend are more complicated than she knew.

2019 | 1.66:1 | Digital HD | 25fps | Color | 5.1 | Turkish w/ English subtitles | 20'

Cast Ahsen Eroğlu, Sena Konak, Ali Aydın Erduran, Semih Gülen and Esra Kızıldoğan

Writer & Director Ozan Yoleri

Producer Alara Hamamcıoğlu

Story Alara HamamcıoğluMert KayaOzan Yoleri

Director of Photography Celine Baril

Editors Ayhan ErgürselRana Önoğlu

Sound Designer Grégoire Chauvot

Sound Recordist Enis Danabaş

First Assistant Director Sinan Kesova

Casting Director Berfin Elif Binbay

Line Producers Ilgım Coşar, Mert Kaya

Focus Puller Mathieu Gaudet

Key Grip Serdar Karaibiş

Second Camera Assistant Ercan Kılıç

Boom Operator Rıdvan Keçeci


2019 25th Palm Springs Shortfest

2019 33rd Leeds International Film Festival

2019 56th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

         *Special Jury Prize*

2019 25th Rome MedFilm Festival

2019 28th Euroshorts Young Filmmakers

2019 5th Marmaris Short Film Festival

         *Best Short Film*

2019 26th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival

2019 7th Bosphorus Film Festival

2019 6th Uşak Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival

         *Special Jury Prize*

2019 3rd AFSAD Short Film Festival

         *Best Actress Award*

2019 Ayvalık Film Festival


Completed his studies in Robert College and Boğaziçi University, with a major in Management and a minor degree in Film Studies. He spent a year in Granada University as an exchange student.

Ozan worked as assistant director in several shorts and features, including projects directed by Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun and Tayfun Pirselimoğlu.

His first short film, The Lunch Break’ (2018), was screened and awarded in several international & local festivals. His second short, ‘Aylin’, has recently premiered in the 25th Palm Springs Short Fest.

He is currently working on his future projects.

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